It Begins…

Hello. I’m Max, and I’ve decided to start up a blog dedicated mostly to music, in particular anything that might fall under the wide category of ‘jazz’. As an introduction to this project, perhaps this initial post is a bit pointless, since I’m pretty sure no one will actually read it, what with this being an infant blog, but I figure with the help of copy and paste it can work double duty as an ‘about’ section on the blog’s profile.


Music represents nearly all my passions in life. Listening to music, seeing music live, playing music, talking about music, researching music and music history: very little time goes by when I’m not occupied with music in some way. In particular, all the many and varied types of music that have been called ‘jazz’, which I started listening to after deciding on a whim to pick up saxophone in middle school, has become a central point in my life. As with all enthusiasts, I enjoy sharing my passions with other people, but unfortunately, like many enthusiasts of jazz, I often find my friends and relations less than enthusiastic about the things I try and share with them. Rather than continuing my harassment of my friends and family, I’ve decided to start up this blog, named after a Joe Henderson song, as an outlet for my thoughts. Hopefully, at least one person will be interested in discussing music with me. My modus-operandi will be to review every show I see and every new cd I get (with, perhaps some reviews of older albums that are recent acquisitions for me if I think they would be worthwhile). Along the way, I want to talk about the bigger issues: why music works the way it does, what makes some music speak to me (or any other individual) more than others and what the state of the scene is. Most of what I deal with can be called jazz, but there will likely be the occasional entry from some other genre label, or even a book review.


I am an equal opportunity listener, as at home with the most bizarre John Zorn avant-extravaganza as I am with the most classic piece of Blakey hard bop. On top of that, I’m no stranger to the classical, rock, funk, and, on occasion, rap worlds. Different types of music have different sorts of things to offer and I think there is much to be gained from trying to understand them all. Hopefully at least some of what I have to share will appeal to at least some people.

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