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Bad Plus and Core Collection Album

Two new pieces for this week. First a review for the new Bad Plus album, Never Stop II, their first album with pianist Orrin Evans taking over for Ethan Iverson. As I say in my review, the resulting album is a success, and I’m excited to see what the band does next as they begin to tour together this year. My one worry with Ethan’s departure from the band is that it means that their incredible arrangement of Ornette Coleman’s Science Fiction will be shelved without a release. It was originally commissioned by Duke University’s performing arts office, who also commissioned their take on Stavinsky’s Rite of Spring, and they performed it with a front line of horns. I was lucky enough to see one of the few performances they gave of it, which was incredible. Hopefully, one of the performances was taped and will see a release sometime. My review of the new album can be found here.

I have also posted the next in my series of Penguin Guide to Jazz Core Collection pieces, this time on the bebop classic, the Quintet Live at Massey Hall, a one time performance featuring the greatest jazz luminaries of the time. That piece can be found here.

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