Starred Review Guidelines

Starred review guidelines:

5 stars: A truly superlative record, of the sort that only comes once or twice a year. A record that warrants repeated listens from both established fans of the artist or genre as well as those totally unfamiliar with either. Every track is a winner.

4 stars: An excellent record which will be highly appreciated by fans of the artist or genre and may even appeal to those aren’t already fans. Will have, at most, a few tracks that are not as strong as the others.

3 stars: A good record which an established fan will enjoy, but may not be the best record for a new comer. May be inconsistent and have some noticeably weak tracks.

2 stars: A mediocre album which may hide some worthwhile material for the aficionado but otherwise generally not worth the effort. May have a handful of good tracks among the bad.

1 star: A bad album, one that disappoints not only on an aesthetic level but on nothing short of an existential one as well.

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